About Us

Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Playcare has served dog owners in West Seattle at its current location for ten years, and has been under its current management since 2011. It provides kennel-free daycare services for dogs of all ages and sizes, and kennel-free boarding for overnight guests.

Stella Ruffington’s is affiliated with Camano Island Kennels on Camano Island, Washington, a state-of-the-art training and boarding facility that area pet owners have voted “Best Kennel” for four years in a row. It is located about an hour’s drive north of Seattle on the eastern shore of Puget Sound. Co-owners of both facilities are Dianna Young and Jason Young, and manager of the West Seattle facility is John Mottram.

The People

Dianna M. Young is a certified canine behaviorist and professional trainer as well as author of Think Like Your Dog, who has been instructing dogs and their owners for more than 26 years. She utilizes the best of European and American dog-training traditions. Dianna started her career in Europe in the 1980s, and then studied at a nationally accredited school for dog trainers on the U.S. East Coast. Before returning to her native Pacific Northwest to establish her own kennels, Dianna served several years of dog-training apprenticeship with a renowned master trainer in New England.

Owner and trainer Jason Young is a U.S. Army veteran of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he served several combat tours with the Army’s Special Forces. His introduction to highly trained dogs occurred in the Middle East, where he and some of his fellow Green Berets learned to depend on the talents of explosive-sniffing canines and personal protection dogs on combat patrols. Jason’s own skills as a teacher were fostered and polished by the Special Forces, which used him extensively as in instructor for both U.S. and foreign troops.

The Place

Stella Ruffington’s offers three separate indoor play areas so that canine daycare clients can be separated by size and energy in order to enjoy their time at Stella’s comfortably and confidently. At Stella’s, they enjoy not only the company of other dogs throughout the day, but also the companionship of people. At least one person is on duty at all times, around the clock, so your pet never is alone.

Food is important to canines, just as it is to people, and overnight boarders have a choice of eating familiar food from home or, alternatively, dining on Stella’s premium kibble. Food also is available for daycare guests, if their owners wish, and staff members will administer medications if requested to do so.

The Options

In addition to doggie daycare and overnight boarding, Seattle-area clients may take advantage of opportunities for efficient, professional training in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, or of intensive in-kennel training at the Camano Island location. Training opportunities range from instruction in basic obedience to complex behavioral problem-solving.

Bathing, nail trimming, blow-drying and brushing also are available at Stella’s by appointment.

People have been coming to us at Camano Island Kennels since 1997 because we offer them and their pets the kinds of services, the high quality of services and the value that dog owners seek. We have been at Stella Ruffington’s only since 2011, but have implemented the same dog-friendly philosophies and policies here that we have utilized at Camano Island Kennels so successfully for such a long time, and we plan to earn the same level of trust and respect from clients in Seattle that we have earned on Camano Island. You can rest assured that when you entrust your pet to us at Stella Ruffington’s, we will live up to the trust that you have placed in us.